Andalucía Agrotech DIH is a digital ecosystem where the needs of a diverse and dynamic agri-food sector, the technological services of technology, information and communication (ICT) companies, the innovation capacity of knowledge centers and public programs of support from the public administration. The aim is to provide the best conditions for the long-term success of companies in the sector.

In addition to this multi-stakeholder nature, our DIH is the public-private initiative for technological integration, where young people will have a leading role given their digital capabilities.

Andalucía Agrotech DIH would like to become an international benchmark in the field of agrotechnology to connect all the resources of the sector under the same platform, promoting collaboration between the agents of the ecosystem.

Our innovation ecosystem promotes digital culture and access to digitisation for all companies in the agri-food sector, also promoting strategic alliances and the creation of shared value in order to improve competitiveness.

We are a one-stop shop through which we offer a wide range of services for aimed at meeting the needs of different sectors that make up Andalucía Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub.